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Published by American Organic Energy on September 09, 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on Green Roof Projects

Green roof projects have begun to get back underway, following a pause in new construction and development during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as urban development continues to look to natural solutions for the future.
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Much has been made of the importance of green initiatives—roofs and walls included—in the nation’s ongoing mission to work toward a sustainable future. Though the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has paused the construction phase of some new projects, design has continued uninterrupted on most fronts, along with the ongoing maintenance measures so vital to the preservation of existing green roof architecture.

Green Roof Projects Back in Play 

A recent Living Architecture Monitor article featuring interviews with industry leaders addresses COVID-19’s impact on green roof projects and measures currently underway to ensure minimal loss of momentum in this worldwide effort to continue to develop green infrastructure and natural solutions. 

Fortunately, much of the initial planning and design can be crafted remotely, with limited staff needed on-site to begin new projects. Maintenance, as well, can be conducted off-premises when it comes to tech support designed to inspect, monitor, and manage installed irrigation systems. Should crews be required to attend to an issue in person, they are equipped with the necessary protective measures—N95 masks, boot covers, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. In the event crowded service elevators become a hazard, staff is encouraged to take the stairs to avoid potential exposure to the coronavirus.

When it comes to obtaining the materials needed for planting and construction, most areas of the country experienced little or no interruption in availability, as wholesale suppliers and retail establishments such as nurseries were deemed “essential” throughout the course of the pandemic. Most products can be picked up curbside when needed, and the disruption in interacting directly with customers has been navigated fairly seamlessly, by and large. 

Natural Solutions to Play Large Role in Future Urban Development

Though the focus over the last six months has been almost exclusively on preserving existing infrastructure, attention is slowly being turned back to enhancing green roof properties and expanding the development of new initiatives. 

As urban landscapes continue to be modeled to be more energy-efficient, it’s believed that a large percentage of future jobs will be firmly rooted in the use of natural solutions. This doesn’t stop with the meticulous crafting of green roofs, however, but continues with the customization of each based on its surrounding ecosystem, in an effort to ensure its long term survival. To accomplish this daunting task, experts will be needed at all stages, from architectural concept and design consultation to creation by construction personnel, supported at the ground level by facilities managers, product manufacturers, and custom soil blending operatives. 

Once complete, these new green roof projects will ideally lead to ecological improvements across the board, specifically in areas relating to biodiversity, stormwater management, and the systematic reduction of the urban heat island. 

For further information on green roofs, and their beneficial impact on the surrounding environment, contact American Organic Energy today.  

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