Anaerobic Digester

American Organic Energy: Anaerobic Digester

The proposed anaerobic digester project will be the most sophisticated food waste processing facility in the world.

To be built in the Yaphank facility where Long Island Compost currently resides, it will be the host to 180,000 tons of local food waste per year. By partnering with GE Water and Scott’s Miracle-Gro, and with the 30-year experience of the Vigliotti brothers in every aspect of organic waste management, American Organic Energy will possess the tools to collect, separate, pre-process, break down, and transform Long Island’s food waste into convertible energy, vehicle fuel, electricity, fertilizer, and nutrient-rich water.

An Historic Step

The Long Island Compost project will be the first anaerobic digester to process food waste in the N.Y. Metropolitan Region and represents a significant step in the continued effort toward changing current waste disposal practices in the country. The Project will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the current disposal practice – both those emissions related to transporting waste to landfills 300 miles away as well as the emissions from the landfills themselves. Greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be reduced by 40,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The project will produce 2.0 MW of electricity and approximately 1.9 million diesel gallons equivalent of compressed natural gas (CNG).

The Process, Simplified

See how our process works. The facility will accept 180,000 tons per year of food waste which would have otherwise been transported and dumped into distant landfills, along with 30,000 tons of fats, oils and greases (“FOG”) and 10,000 tons of grass clippings. These waste streams will be converted to clean energy, clean water and compost.

American Organic Energy: the Anaerobic Digester process infographic
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