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Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic Digester

The anaerobic digester will provide the tools to help separate, pre-process, break down, and transform Long island’s food waste into convertible energy, vehicle fuel, electricity, fertilizer and nutrient-rich water. Learn more

Bio Recycling Stream

Bio Recycling Stream

The Bio Recycling Stream is the process through which all natural material passes to be reused, and redistributed, resulting in the replenishment of Long Island’s landscape. Learn more

Community Impact

Community Impact

Long Island Compost is an essential component of Long Island’s solid waste management plan. American Organic Energy will create local jobs for skilled workers, with other community benefits. Learn more

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American Organic Energy partners have the comfort of knowing that they have helped to make a positive, actionable difference in the reduction of greenhouse gases on Long Island. Your customers will know it too, by recognizing the AOE badge on your website that says you care about our Island, our land, and our people. Become a Partner


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