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Published by American Organic Energy on May 29, 2015

Charles Vigliotti, President of American Organic Energy, Discusses “The Power of Waste”

American Organic Energy President Charles Vigliotti discussed the ways in which AOE is revolutionizing food waste disposal on Long Island.
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On May 20, Energy Vision and Urban Future Lab hosted a reception entitled The Power of Waste: Extracting the Greatest Value from NYC’s Organics in Brooklyn, bringing together industry pioneers in organic waste collection and recycling to discuss innovative ideas for sustainable solutions.

The sold out event featured Kathryn Garcia, New York City’s Commissioner, Department of Sanitation; Don Chahbazpour, Director of Network Strategy, National Grid; Charles Vigliotti, President/CEO, American Organic Energy; and Kevin Matthews, President, CCI Bioenergy.

Energy Vision’s mission is to “research, analyze and promote the technologies and strategies — viable today — required to transition toward a sustainable, low-carbon energy and transportation future.” Founded in 2007, Energy Vision seeks out innovators who are changing the game in renewable energy and transportation solutions. By helping to shine a light on these industry pioneers, Energy Vision sparks productive dialogues that help to move the needle toward a more sustainable technological revolution.

The conference served as an informative session designed to educate guests in how our organic waste can be transformed into “biogas” fuel, how and where composting fits in, the best uses of biogas, and how this strategy can reduce costs, address climate change and bring cleaner air to the metropolitan area.

American Organic Energy President Charles Vigliotti discussed the ways in which they are revolutionizing food waste disposal on Long Island. American Organic Energy has proposed the first anaerobic digester in the metropolitan region. The digester will be “the most sophisticated facility in the country,” according to Mr. Vigliotti.

The anaerobic digester will accept 160,000 tons of food waste per year from Long Island supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals and schools. To be built in the Yaphank facility where Vigliotti-owned Long Island Compost currently resides, the facility will accept 160,000 tons of local food waste per year. By partnering with GE Water, Quasar Energy, and Scott’s Miracle-Gro, American Organic Energy will be able to collect, separate, pre-process, break down, and transform Long Island’s food waste into convertible energy, vehicle fuel, electricity, fertilizer, and nutrient-rich water, effectively reducing Greenhouse gas emissions d by approximately 40,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Mr. Vigliotti hopes to build on the success of this model by replicating it throughout the metropolitan area and eventually, throughout the country, transforming the way food waste is disposed on in the United States and making actionable differences in the reduction of the country’s collective carbon footprint.

His presentation was met with enthusiastic support and high praise from industry peers.

To watch Charles Vigliotti discuss the environmental issues facing New York and to hear his proposed solutions, check out the video below.

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