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Published by American Organic Energy on June 03, 2015

Charles Vigliotti Speaks at Energy Vision Conference [Video]

Charles Vigliotti led a discussion on the ways American Organic Energy is revolutionizing food waste disposal on Long Island.
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American Organic Energy President Charles Vigliotti recently led a discussion on the ways in which the Long Island sustainable waste solution company is revolutionizing food waste disposal on Long Island at a conference hosted by Energy Vision and Urban Future Lab entitled The Power of Waste: Extracting the Greatest Value from NYC’s Organics.

The conference was designed to educate guests in how our organic waste can be transformed into “biogas” fuel, the ways in which composting fits, how and where to use biogas, and how to advance this strategy to reduce costs, address climate change and bring cleaner air to the area.

American Organic Energy's proposal to bring the first anaerobic digester in the metropolitan region will be instrumental in making actionable differences in the reduction of the metro area's carbon footprint.

The digester will be “the most sophisticated facility in the country,” according to Mr. Vigliotti. In partnership with GE Water, Quasar Energy, and Scott’s Miracle-Gro, AOE will be able to collect, separate, pre-process, break down, and transform Long Island’s food waste into convertible energy, vehicle fuel, electricity, fertilizer, and nutrient-rich water, effectively reducing Greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 40,000 tons of CO2 per year.

For an updated version of the video, see below.

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