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Published by American Organic Energy on June 24, 2019

Spotlight: Long Island Compost Soil Projects

Long Island Compost custom-engineered soil has been integral to projects throughout the New York metro area, from Brooklyn Bridge Park to Columbus Circle.
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Among the broad spectrum of ways Long Island Compost (LIC) continues to give back to the local community is through its custom-engineered soil mixes, utilized in sizable urban planting projects across the New York metropolitan area.

High Standards

Each job requires strict quality control specifications, including passing a series of Rutgers University laboratory soil tests—widely accepted as the “last word” on soils intended for use in large construction/development jobs in the Northeast. Past projects have included the National World Trade Center Memorial & Plaza, United Nations Plaza, Columbus Circle, the Highline in Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Flight 587 Memorial, as well as select landscaping improvements within the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx Zoo, and Battery Park City.

The majority of jobs are typically awarded directly to Long Island Compost, or via the designated general contractor assigned to the project in question. Once the soil mixture is crafted, the testing laboratory at Rutgers—part of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station—provides chemical and mechanical analyses, which determine the appropriate levels of nutrients and/or lime and notes the existing pH, among other factors. This background information is utilized to help prevent the inappropriate application of fertilizer down the line, which can subsequently lead to nitrate or phosphorus contamination of water resources.

Long Island Compost in NYC

As we head into the summer months, Long Island Compost currently has several projects in the works, some at, or near completion. These include the rebuilding of the JFK runways, replacing planters on the median along the Grand Concourse in the Bronx and Bronx River Parkway, creating specialized mixes for new beds at Mauro Playground in Flushing, Astoria Park in Queens, Lafayette Playground in Brooklyn, replacing and rebuilding the Sunset Cove Park in Far Rockaway, and crafting mixes for new fields at Lawrence Playground in College Point.

These projects are designed to provide both aesthetic and functional improvements to high-traffic public spaces through beautification efforts and necessary structural adjustments.

Skills & Service

Long Island Compost, through the combined efforts of landscape architects, soil scientists, and general contractors, is able to accommodate clients’ unique requests by creating custom-designed soil mixes that meet all guidelines, while also catering to the special demands required of each project.

LIC has earned its reputation as the soil supplier of choice through its unparalleled service and expertise, including the packaging, storing and delivering of these engineered mixes according to the customer’s schedule, and the provision of an on-site delivery coordinator to assure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

For further information about Long Island Compost, or its specialty projects, contact us today.

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