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Charles Vigliotti: The Man Behind the Mission

Charles Vigliotti is the co-founder of American Organic Energy, an innovative company with a rich history as a leader in the compost industry. We learned about the man behind the mission and how he intends to change the way we process organic waste on a massive scale.

Published October 24, 2018   |   3 minute read
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Buzzworthy: How Green Roofs Can Save Bees

Green roofs are an ideal solution to the steadily declining bee population, providing natural habitats replete with colorful flora for these all-important pollinators.

Published October 17, 2018   |   4 minute read
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Aim for the Green: Compost & Renewables Revolutionize Golf Courses

Topdressing golf courses with eco-friendly compost, engineered soil and all-natural fertilizer holds significant benefits, including helping to prevent soil and grass degradation, improve fertility, and safeguard against turf diseases.

Published June 01, 2018   |   4 minute read
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Battling Climate Change, One Green Roof at a Time

Green roofs utilizing custom-designed soil are effective weapons in the war against climate change, air and water pollution, and escalating energy costs.

Published April 18, 2018   |   6 minute read
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Topdressing Golf Courses with Rich Compost

Superintendents are rediscovering the lost art of non-chemical course maintenance.

Published January 23, 2018   |   2 minute read
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NYC Green Roof Design: Getting it Right the First Time

The green roof trend is officially upon us, and there is no shortage of aesthetically beautiful examples popping up around the world.

Published January 02, 2018   |   3 minute read

Press Coverage

Governor Cuomo Announces Approval of Clean Energy
Food Waste Recycling Facility on Long Island LIPA OKs food scraps-to-power plant, projects
lower energy needs. LIPA to weigh contract with facility to convert food
waste to energy. Viewpoint: Pass food waste bill New York region to host large anaerobic digester  
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Long Island Compost Gets Approval Status from the Organic Materials Review Institute

Long Island Compost, Long Island’s leading provider of organic materials and products, has been reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Published March 14, 2016   |   1 minute read
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Newsday Coverage of AOE Anaerobic Digester

Newsday’s Mark Harrington reported that Long Island Compost and American Organic Energy are “taking the next steps” toward modernizing LI Compost’s facility.

Published September 03, 2015   |   0 minute read